The Coal Loader

Balls Head, Waverton

2018 marks the tenth year PMI Engineers have been involved in this major resuscitation project on this prominent piece of Sydney harbour foreshore.

Opened on 24 March 2018, the Coal Loader Platform is one of Sydney’s largest publicly accessible green roof spaces. Recently it obtained two awards at the Parks and Leisure Australia (NSW/ACT) 2018 Awards of Excellence for both the Park of the Year Award and the Community Facility of the Year Award categories.

Our stance on this has been remedial and industrial for steel work, both underground and above.

The Coal Loader site is approximately 100 years old and is full of tunnels - some 6m high by 3m wide. We designed for subsurface conditions which were and are highly variable.

The tunnels have now been revitalised and re-purposed. The last photo shows a steel frame holding approximately 700 tonnes of concrete above Tunnel One, after three walls were removed to house a performance space.

Landscape Architect
North Sydney Council
David Banbury

Project Manager
North Sydney Council
John Thompson


Steve Debello

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