We value responsive and collaborative design. As structural engineers with a background in architecture, we are constantly seeking to integrate the two to find the limits of materiality and structure. We specialise in the small parts of big jobs, and big parts of small jobs.

We like complexity, love a good challenge and are always keen to test new ideas.

Efficiency in geometry and simple concepts are key driving forces for us. We constantly strive to optimise structures, making them more efficient in terms of material usage, construction methods, and energy consumption.


All our projects are modelled in 3D using Autodesk Revit, with documentation issued as DWG and/or PDF files. We are able to share models in native Revit or IFC files for coordination.

We also rely on Rhinoceros 3D and parametric modelling techniques for complex geometry and efficient iterative design.

We carry out advanced linear and non-linear structural analyses using in-house tools and established structural design software such as Robot Structural Analysis, IdeaStatica and Strand7.

Interoperability is key to our workflows and we make use of custom tools to link our software for efficiency and minimal rework.

We are registered structural engineers in NSW, VIC and QLD.

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